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Powerful Network Toolbox for iOS & tvOS

Employing Loon for effortless and secure Internet browsing by overseeing, administrating, and refining the entire device network.


Loon can use man-in-the-middle attacks to decrypt HTTPS and HTTP2 requests and responses.

Reviewing and archiving request records

Capture and save specific HTTP and HTTPS request and response contents, facilitating network analysis and debugging.

Using JavaScript to modify requests

Utilizing Loon's robust scripting engine, debug and modify ongoing requests by programming with JavaScript.

An abundance of open-source plugins

An active community has produced many interesting and powerful plugins that can be installed with just one click, allowing ordinary users to enjoy the expanded capabilities these plugins bring.

Powerful and efficient traffic routing

Loon's powerful kernel can match rule sets of up to one hundred thousand rules within milliseconds, ensuring efficient and clear network routing.

More secure DNS

DNS Over HTTPS, DNS Over QUIC, DNS Over H3 - multiple encrypted DNS options protect your privacy and security.